Ashstorm (A Seventeen Series Novel: An Action Adventure Thriller Book 4) - AD Starrling

I've been following the Seventeen series for a while now and the books, while not the best I've read, never fail to entertain me. It was a long wait for this fourth book in the series, but I'm glad it finally arrived.


This time not one, not two but three new main characters are introduced at the start of the novel. Two of them, Ethan Storm and Olivia Ash (who together make up the title) have a strange birthmark and with that birthmark come strange powers. This of course besides the 'simple' immortality. 


While I enjoyed Ashstorm just like the other books, I was a bit disappointed that Lucas and the other characters from the others books were only introduced so late into this novel. It really took me some time to get used to and like the new characters and while the world was still the same, it took me a bit longer than I'm used to to get into the novel. Also, the author is writing a lot of short stories in this series right now, but I'd like to see her focus more on the full length novels.


However, it was still a very enjoyable book and I'm already looking forward a lot to the next book, which hopefully won't take too long.


Ashstorm is the fourth novel in the Seventeen series. There are short stories like First Death and Dancing Blades and the Meeting as well as the first three full length novels called Soul Meaning, King's Crusade, and Greene's Calling.