Wishing Cross Station - February Grace

Another one of my TBR bowl reads. I'm normally not much of a romance reader (even more so, I try to stay clear from the books that actually mention it as main genre because all other genres already seemed to have been packed with romance and I already got my fair share of romance reading that way, However, this was a time travel romance and it's very hard for me (if not impossible) to say no to time travel stories.


This specific time travel moves around a special train (the so called Special) who arrives every now and then to bring people back and forth between now and the 19th century. When Keigan finds a book that's quite literally not from this world, he's to take the Special and bring the book back.


I was pleasantly surprised by this short book. The story, luckily, didn't draw too heavily on the romance part and there even was a small mystery to uncover. There was however not that much on time travel either. This is not the kind of story that provides with a reason as to why it's happening nor what the exact rules of time travel are. Nevertheless, it kept me entertained and I quite enjoyed myself. All in all, better than I expected.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!