Last week I spent in Berlin with my friends. The weather was incredibly hot (The reichstag even had to close the afternoon before we visited) but it was also very very very nice. Of course some book shopping could not be excluded (though basically it's the only shopping we did).


I want to say a very, very big Thank You to Themis-Athena who wrote me a wonderful and very big guide on what to see in Berlin. We all agreed it was indeed a wonderful list and we did many of the things that were mentioned. If you ever plan a trip to Berlin, do ask her for this list =) On of the things we did was the Dussman bookshop, and it had a great English book shop, where I bought only 5 books (Foxglove Summer (Ben Aaronovitch) and the first four Little Black Penguin Classics; my friends bought Broken Monsters (Lauren Beukes), the Catcher in the Rye and some German books whose titles I've forgotten). Not too bad if you ask me :P.


Yesterday late in the evening I returned, but when I opened my booklikes this morning this had happened:


It will take me some time to get through everything though!