Lady of Devices - Shelley Adina

I didn't care much for the cover, but I'm really glad the TBR jar decided it was time to read this book anyway. I read the Finishing School series by Gail Carriger and although this is not a school training girls to be assassins and spies it did have the same feel to it (which is good because I can't wait for the next book in that series).


In school Claire has always been experimenting, in chemistry for example. After her fortune takes a wrong turn because her father made some bad investments, she'll have to use her experiments to become a Lady of Devices in London's Underworld (while keeping appearances for her family and friends).


What I liked most was the feel it had to it. It's an easy read, with characters with the ridiculous Victorian names and all. Besides, it does also have a twist of Oliver Twist in it. It was a pleasure for me to read it. Does this mean the book was perfect? Far from, mostly because everything is (a little) too easy for our heroine, but I do like Claire and want to know what happens in the next books.


Lady of Devices is the first book in the Magnificent Devices series. There are currently eight books in this series.