I hoped this post wouldn't be necessary. And frankly, in the beginning I was really, really calm. So, okay, my eReader had thrown out all the books again (you can read more about this particularly charming peculiarity of my eReader here) and forgotten to place them back. As this happens every once in a while I wasn't to worried. It was only not really useful since I wanted to take it on a trip but never mind, I just took the Kindle.


I still wasn't really worried when it happened again the next day. No books on my eReader. I had no time to go over it and explore what could possibly have caused it, but believed it would be okay next time. Third time is lucky?


Unfortunately not. I've been trying to solve the problem all day (and with the temperatures already rising enormously that's not been easy). I've thrown half of the books from the eReader already, figuring that might be the problem. It's not just that it's not showing any books anymore. Now it won't even finish synchronising (a terrible task it always does when I charge it and takes about an hour. More on that also in a previous instalment of this soap series). It doesn't seem to halt at a particular point. I've seen all kinds of things; 24, 26, 65, and even 94% (that time I really thought I'd finally fixed it).


I'm a bit reluctant to go to KOBO helpdesk because the last time they were less than friendly or useful. Basically they stated the problem MUST be because of my illegal ebooks, I stated I didn't have them, they say I must because I never buy stuff in their shop, I said these were acsm files from publisher, all legal, I got a generic reply that I should remove the illegal ebooks. (I kind of gave up on this point)

Also they said I could reboot the eReader. Of course, I'd never thought about that. < /sarcasm >


One thing I do know is that Kobo Glo are not perfectly suitable for very hot temperatures (as in leave them in the sun and they might quit. It's happened to me and a friend and I've also read about it online), so I'm afraid it won't get any better soon.


I can still hope though?


Sorry for the long rant/post. But I start to worry at this point. Anyone perhaps some experience with this?