Before I Go to Sleep - S.J.  Watson

This was my next-to/under my bed book for quite some time, you know, for when my eReader suddenly stops working and I want to have something else easily picked up to read in bed. Only normally, I usually get invested in the book so much that it soon moves on to be my actual books. Not this time (this might be because it was a period with - luckily - very little eReader problems). However, this did cause Before I Go To Sleep to be 'currently reading' for a very long time. Until I told myself, it's ridiculous you're reading 10 books at a time. Go finish some first!


And so I finally finished it. Christine wakes up every morning not knowing where she is. Her memory is literally broken, but when she starts writing (and constantly reading) a diary, things get a little better. Or do they?


Like I said before, I never got really invested into the story. It was still quite enjoyable, but it was very easy to put it aside. I didn't think the story was that original (it reminded me of the film 50 First Dates) and I didn't particularly liked the main character Christine. The ending I'd guessed about halfway through the end.


It was not as special as I thought it would be, but it was a fast read.