Half Dead & Fully Broken - Kevin Craig

Carter is a social outcast and quite the opposite from his identical twin brother Marcus. After Marcus dies in a motorcycle accident, people really seem to be unable to be near him, as he reminds them of Marcus. Then Marcus' ghost starts visiting Carter to teach him some lessons and to get him to help with something important.


It was quite an entertaining, fast paced read. I finished it within a day. I found especially the beginning very strong and I immediately wanted to continue reading. After Marcus' ghost starts showing up, I was a bit less enthusiastic. He suffered from enormous mood swings, the whole flying things seemed unnecessary and - one of the things I really find annoying in books - there's talk all the time about something that's going to happen and Marcus knows what it is (that's why he's hanging around) but won't tell Carter 'because he can't'. *sigh*


*Some Spoilers Ahead*


Also, his projects with Mel, his brother's girlfriend and Justin, the guy who drove the truck that hit the motorbike felt a bit forced. Not that I didn't enjoy reading it, I did, but especially the relationship between Mel and Carter felt awkward. I understand they find comfort in each other, but to start their own relationship after like two months felt a bit weird. Justin was the typical hard guy that turned out to be okay kind-of guy which didn't really come as a surprise to me.


This all being said, I did enjoy it. The ideas were quite nice and the writing as well. I would read another book if this turned out to be a series.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!