Watch Me Burn: The December People, Book Two - Sharon Bayliss

Last year I read and liked Destruction, the first book in this series. And this book is in many aspects not unlike the other book. Life is falling even more apart for David in this second book, now that he no longer has any contact with his eldest son and still tries to figure out exactly who he is. Things are about to get worse when he feels he has to help a missing girl, a summer witch at that. It's almost unnatural, almost like magic is making him do this. But is it?


Like I said about the first novel. The magic part isn't really that big, the characters are just normal people with their own flaws. And although some things are a bit weird, I really quite enjoyed it. Different from the first book, I got the feeling this book really had a plot instead of just telling us about David and his family. This book focusses on the search for a missing girl and the impact it has on the entire household.


What I particularly like was that we got to see more of the rules of magic. They are still not completely clear, but there was a lot more dynamics between the summer and winter wizards and all they stand for. I hope we get to see even more of that in the next book.


I repeat, I don't think this is a book that everyone will like. Not that much happen, the characters don't always do the things they should do (but then again, who does?) and the magic isn't always useful, but if you like that kind of thing - like I do - you'll find this book enjoyable and I would recommend it.


Watch Me Burn is the second instalment in the December People series. The first book is Destruction.


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!