Cruelty (Episodes One - Five) - Edward Lorn

Cruelty contains the cruel first five episodes of Cruelty.


In case you hadn't noticed already, the book is cruel. I would not recommend it to the weak of heart (or those with a weak stomach). But, as was to be expected with Edward Lorn, I really enjoyed it (I don't know want to know what that says about me).


Meet Cruelty, a doll... From Hell. (As if doll faced things weren't already creepy enough). Cruelty wants to play. Her playthings less so... Follow the story of a small American town that is about to meet Cruelty. And be prepared for, ehmm, cruel things.


I can only say that it kind of reminded me of Stephen King with the many many characters that were introduced in these episodes. All with their own little or big problems. It's something you have to like, but I like it. I'm so glad I'm not reading this one episode at a time because I think I would have been completely lost.


The story is a good horror one, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what is going on. I'd planned to read the second part immediately after Cruelty but I didn't manage yet to do that. I hope to read it soon. The writing is quite raw, but it fits the story well. And on to A Final Act of Cruelty.


The ten episodes of Cruelty are now combined in two books, Cruelty (episodes 1-5) and A Final Act Of Cruelty (episodes 6-10)


Thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review