When Dogs Cry - Markus Zusak

The alternative title is: Getting the Girl.


Markus Zusak’s most famous novel The Bookthief is my all-time favourite book. The story is so beautifully written, and Death can make such a – it might seem really strange for people who haven’t read The Bookthief – lovable character.


This obviously made me very curious to the other books written by Markus Zusak. Would they be just as wonderful as The Bookthief, although that seems almost impossible. So, I came acros When Dogs Cry/Getting The Girl. It happens to be the third volume in a series and for reasons I don’t get it is the only part that is translated into Dutch.


Unfortunately, it didn’t really turned out well for me. I was quite disappointed after reading it. The story itself is not bad or anything, but the wonderful lines that make you stop and read them over and over, they just weren’t there. And I really missed them, for without the story just felt quite flat. I think his other stories are not really anything I’d like to read, but I still love The Bookthief and would recommend it to everyone!


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book.