The Golden Cage (A Dance of Dragons #0.5) - Kaitlyn Davis

A short prequel novella. A short review.


I got the first book in this series some time ago on Netgalley, but I hadn't come around to actually reading it yet. This novella was for free on Smashwords, so I thought I'd try it as an appetizer.


And, although I was not familiar yet with the world or any of the character, I did become really interested into this series. It's a short story about a princess trying to escape the golden cage she's been living in (and escape her arranged marriage), so it's not groundbreaking new. But it's quite enjoyable and I hope to read this series soon.


The Golden Cage is a prequel novella to the A Dance of Dragons series. The first book in this series is The Shadow Soul (review to come). There is also another short story, The Silver Key, and a second book The Spirit Heir.