Evangeline - Alexia Purdy

I read the first book in this series last year, my first book from Netgalley (oh, the memories). However, I have since collected this prequel as well as the second book from Amazon/Smashwords and was planning on reading them for some time. Starting with Evangeline.


It's a very short story in which there isn't too much to be told. It's hard to really rate a short story without putting it in the bigger picture. However, I thought it was quite a nice introduction but for one thing: there was so much emphasis on the fact that she was different that it really annoyed me. Even though the story was very short.


I'm still planning to read the second book, Ever Fire some time soon.


Evangeline is a short prequel story to the Dark Faerie Tale series. The other books in this series are Ever Shade, Ever Fire, Ever Winter, The Cursed, Ever Wrath, History of Fire, Ever Dead and Legends of Fire.