The Ghost of Sephera (Theodore Crane) (Volume 2) - J. D. Tew, Scott Spotson, J Caleb Clark

I didn't really like the first book in this series, The Acolytes of Crane, but I'd already agreed to read the second book, so I had to give The Ghost of Sephera a chance. And luckily, I enjoyed this book slightly better,


The potential was still there. The story told in the first book was nowhere from finished as the two different story lines had not yet connected. This book provides more of a closure to that part but isn't the end of the series. A lot need to happen, in a sense this was just the set-up.


The biggest problems I had with the first book were not solved. I was still confused by the worldbuilding, didn't like Theodore (I'm far too perfect)  Crane. But besides those points, certain things did improve, luckily! The Ghost of Sephera poses some interesting questions, mostly on what being alive actually means. Is a person built from millions of Sepherans (very small robots) alive or dead?


After the disappointment of the first book, I was happy I enjoyed this one better but I'm still conflicted as to whether or not I'm going to read another book in this series.


The Ghost of Sephera is the second book in the Theodore Crane-series, the first book is The Acolytes of Crane.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!