Twenty Trillion Leagues Under The Sea - Mahendra Singh, Adam Roberts

After reading this book, no-one will be able to deny the fact that's a weird book.


It's just so weird. During its first voyage the Plongeur, a French nuclear submarine, something goes horribly wrong. The vessel keeps sinking far past the depths that would normally crush the submarine. Far past the normal depth of the oceans.


One thing became painfully clear to me when reading this novel; I don't know enough about the classics. Because this is almost a retelling or an updated version of the original Jules Verne novel I suspect it's filled with references that I didn't get. Some things I googled and thus found, others will be lost forever on me. For that part I'm to blame.


But on the other hand, the story could never really hold my interest. It felt very long, even though the story itself wasn't that long (considered in pages). There are also 30 something pages filled with drawings that I didn't found that special. The ending was really lost on me (I suspect it might have been another reference). At the end, I was just glad the journey was over, for the crew as much as for me.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!