Under My Skin  - Shawntelle Madison

I think in the end I just didn't want to be under Tate's skin. But the cover was so beautiful!


It's a Dystopian that starts with a simple aptitude test. Tate's results aren't normal, and she's selected for serving the Guild. No one seems to mind that selection is done via this very weird form of applying. It's more like a sort of slavery.


Immediately Tate, who's the special snowflake from around the corner, starts thinking something must be off. What exactly is a 'water bearer'? Why does the water taste funny? I don't mind Tate having a mind of her own (ironical pun intended) but what annoys me is that it's yet another novel where the heroin is the only person to have this questions. The rest is just a meek flock of water bearers.


The idea is of course shocking, distasteful and highly unethical, but these are not even my biggest problems with it. It didn't make any sense. I'm supposed to believe that no-one except a lucky few are aware that people are taking possession of other people's body in order to stay young? How do you explain the differences in person? The General for example now suddenly is a woman? What's the strategical purpose of that? Don't tell me it is because he likes to wear a dress.

And besides, if you're able to create this system, why not find ways to upgrade your normal body? It would definitely make more sense.


Then there's a romance. I did not see that coming! </sarcasm> I didn't like it, that's all I'm going to tell about it.


The writing wasn't that bad but the story bored me quite quickly. It just wasn't for me.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!