Duality - Kellie Sheridan

Continuing the story from Mortality some time after the first book, this book is more about the recovery whereas the first book really focussed on the down fall.


*There may be some minor spoilers in here for the first book*


Zarah has been changed for Chelsea in this novel as the secondary main character in this novel. I found her story however to be the most interesting. Starting as one of the zombies (the second generation, oops, the vaccine failed according to the first rule of not properly tested vaccines* zombies) she struggles to become human once more.

Savannah on the other hand is still trying to survive.


If you're looking for a deep novel on what makes us human, look further. If you want an enjoyable zombie novel or a nice snackbook? This is a good one.


There's not too much info on the zombies. But basically all you need to know about them is there's two different kinds. They are hungry, looking for BRAINS (and other human meat for that matter).


The romantic drama was unnecessary and it didn't really add to the story. What I did really like was the fact that the ending was quite open. I happen to notice lately that there's a need for what I think of as 'overclosure' at the end of a series. But this book ends and you could just feel there was a bit more to their story. It was done, sort of, but it didn't end with these boring (I never seem to like them) extra chapters that usually get stuffed in at the end telling how everyone became a gardener or went to college and got a bunch of kids or something similar. This ending made me wonder: Is there another book? But according to the set I got it was the complete series, so I don't think it is. The real end of the story is left to our own imagination I think.


Overall, I quite enjoyed this series and would read another series by Kellie Sheridan.


*First rule of not properly tested vaccines: It will go horribly wrong and people will turn into zombies.


Duality is the final book in the Hitchhiker's Strain duology. The first book is called Mortality. There's a prequel called End Dayz that collects four short stories.