Saints Of New York - R.J. Ellory

I've read Saints of New York for the Ezzulia Reading Club and I had therefor received a free copy of this book. I want to thank the publisher of the Dutch version for its generosity!

I've read three books by RJ Ellory so far, and I've liked them all. They are said to be literature thrillers, and although that is a term that is widely used in The Netherlands (not always correctly, I would rather say, mostly incorrectly) Ghostheart by RJ Ellory was the first book I thought was really a combination between literature and thriller. So, I was really glad when I got the chance of reading this new book by RJ Ellory. 

It didn't disappointed me. I liked reading it, thought it to be very interesting. The writing style was a little bit less literature-like than in the other books I've read by Ellory, but I think it had to do with the main character being a hard police-officer instead of for example a writer. It was still very readable. I am planning on reading the other books as well, but there are still so many books waiting...


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book.