Rite of Rejection - Sarah Negovetich

Rebecca can't wait for her Acceptance. Because, as a good civilian, there's no way she'll fail Acceptance. The machine doesn't make mistakes. It filters the good people from the future criminals. So, when Rebecca gets Rejected, she keeps asking herself one question: why?!


The story of Rite of Rejection is remarkably similar to that of Branded that I read last year, only I liked this one a lot better. Okay, the story might not be the most original out there, like all YA dystopians that flood the publishing world lately, I did really enjoy myself and finished this book almost in a single session (except for the first 10% or so which I read months ago).


I'll admit that Rebecca starts as a whiny character, but for once I had to agree that this was indeed logical. She has been spoiled all her life and almost shell-shocked into being labelled a criminal. She's hopelessly naive though (and some very convenient plot points help her out a lot). It didn't bother me a lot though.


I started sighing at the first signs of the love triangle, but although it was completely unnecessary and added nothing to the plot it didn't last too long. The side characters were better than most other books I recently read.


The story had it's moments and some nice twist. I'm looking forward to the sequel.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!