Suffer - E.E. Borton

Kate and her young son Caleb are attacked in their home. Against all odds Kate survives the attack but after months of revalidation she's not the same person any more. Driven only by her will to hunt the men down who did this to her family, she embarks (together with quite a large number of people) on a search to bring them to justice.


I read this book in a single train trip, so it definitely was a fast read. The premise is quite interesting, but I didn't like the execution (of this premise, not the actual execution) as much as I did in other books I read with similar themes like for example The Beast by Roslund & Hellström.


It's quite graphic when describing the murder of a child, this might put readers off, so just a quick warning. My biggest problem however was everyone's willingness to help Kate in her plan. I understand why Kate would be hellbound on getting revenge and that the others want to help her cope with everything, but they don't even seem to worry about the legal/moral consequences of what they're planning. One of them even is with the FBI and should definitely know better. What I expected were people conflicted about helping, but everyone accepts it really fast.


A quick read, but not a very memorable one.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!