The Boy Who Glowed in the Dark (The Nadia Tesla Series Book 3) - Orest Stelmach

I hadn't noticed this book was the final part in a series until I started reading. By then, it was too late to turn around as I was immediately pulled into the story. Yes, I felt like I missed certain things because I hadn't read the first two books, but no, this never really bothered as the story still can be read and understood (it's just the backstory that's somewhat lacking).


I was intrigued by the title, The Boy Who Glowed In The Dark, I'm not even sure why. I wasn't sure what kind of story I was supposed to be expecting, except that it had something to do with Chernobyl. Bobby is a Chernobyl survivor, now living undercover in America. An ice hockey talent and somehow the carrier of a part of a very important formula. Besides, he's got some serious skills in loosing tails and other spy-related stuff. Apparently these come with a big dose of radiation.

When he receives a mysterious email from someone claiming to also be a part of the formula he and his aunt Nadia Tesla'll need to travel to yet another nuclear power disaster to find some answers.


What I really liked about the story was the different settings, Ukraine, Russia, Japan. It worked great. It was a fast-paced thriller that kept me guessing for some time. Here and there it could have been a bit tighter, a bit more organized, but all in all I really quite enjoyed myself reading this. The ending did feel a bit hurried. However, I have gotten myself a copy of the first book in this series and plan on reading it sometime soon.


The boy who glowed in the dark is the final book in the Nadia Tesla series. The first two books are The boy from reactor 4 and The boy who stole from the dead.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!