Whisper - Stacey R. Campbell

It had been a few months since I read the first book in this series, Hush, but I remembered enough about it to be surprised to find out this book features completely different characters. The set-up that happened in the first book by creating the whole new country Tamura felt very weird in retrospect as it's completely ignored in Whisper. Truth be told, they mention a holiday to Tamura and just how splendidly it all is, but that makes it hardly a part of the story.


Far more interesting of course is following the somewhere-in-Canada boarding school, where Blakely's younger sister Halle is now a student. Immediately we get immersed in this old ghost story that's supposed to be very well known around the students and gets a lot of attention each year (except it wasn't mentioned once in the complete first book). When cleaning out an attic for a school renovation, a mysterious diary is found that once belonged to the supposed school ghost. It comes with the ghost attached. How handy.


What follows is the kind of story you've read before (I think) starring, a very slow reading of the diary (seriously, if it's that important why not read it in one night? It's not that long!) and an overly easy search around the school grounds for lost treasure. (And I thought the first book was unrealistic).


This all said, it was an easy read and I didn't hate it. It was just very easy (with a plot similar to something I came up with myself when I was like 14 but discarded later on) and not really realistic. There's also this annoying romance thing that I found to be completely unnecessary. Shame.


Whisper is the second book in the Lakeview series, you can also read my review for the first book Hush.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!