Whispers Under Ground - Ben Aaronovitch

A Whole New Reason To Mind The Gap!


Yesterday on my way home I needed something to read, and Whispers Under Ground (Ben Aaronovitch) was the first book I happened to lay my hands on. So, Whispers Under Ground it is! The third installment in the modern day wizard-policeman series.


As always, I have been mesmerized with the cover, trying to read exactly what is written on this part of the London map (This time is Hyde Park, Baker Street Station etc). 


I especially liked the first book in this series Rivers of London (Or as it has been renamed: Midnight Riot), so my hopes are high for Whispers Under Ground.


First 60 or so pages read nice and fast. Enjoying the story so far and a bit curious what is going to happen. And what with this ghost?