I'd been thinking about this for a while. I have a Kobo Glo (which is one of the most popular eReaders in the Netherlands) for almost a year now and it has been a great experience, even though it has not been without problems. They have not been completely solved since every time I add new books on to it, it first removes all books on them (and thus all notes/progress I made) and then places them back on there. So, every time, all books are 'new'. The Helpdesk hasn't really been helpful as they kept saying I should remove illegal ebooks, even though I told them -multiple times- that it were legal ebooks (from Netgalley) that were being deleted. They also tried to guilt-trip me for not buying books in their store. All this aside, I'm very happy with my Kobo and was in no way trying to replace it.


But, there are certain advantages to having a Kindle (and I was just curious about it as well, as so many people here have a Kindle). So, to celebrate the end of my exams I decided to gift myself (a very late Christmas present) the new Kindle Paperwhite.

It's slightly larger than my Kobo (but the screens are both 6 inch) and a bit thinner. I can't really compare them yet, but will do a post in a few months... I've already ordered a sleep cover similar to the one for my Kobo for my Kindle.


Left my new Kindle Paperwhite, right my Kobo Glo in its sleep cover.


You should know that Amazon is trying to become big in the Netherlands but isn't really growing yet (at least not among my Dutch friends). I was a bit surprised to see how they handle the Dutch translation for the already meagre instructions.



That first paragraph on the right isn't Dutch at all. I believe it's Norwegian. Sloppy work, Amazon!