The End of All Things - Lissa Bryan The Last American Vampire - Seth Grahame-Smith Dead Time - Tony Parsons Arsenic For Tea - Robin Stevens The Novice: Summoner: Book One (The Summoner Trilogy) - Taran Matharu Mary Hades - Sarah Dalton Ever Darkening - Janeal Falor The Murder of Adam and Eve - William Dietrich Silverwood - Betsy Streeter Flex - Ferrett Steinmetz

Moonlight Reader started the TBR Thursday, and I think it's a good way to a) show what new books I've got and b) confront myself with my inability to lower my TBR. In fact, since I started recording it, it has risen significantly. I get the feeling I'm doing something wrong here...


I wanted my TBR to stay under 300 but almost as soon as I stated it, I got another bunch of books, making it all impossible. Just 1,5 weeks though to some unlimited reading time, that I'll definitely need if I ever want to get rid of all these books. =)


At least there are not as much books as last week... (Always look on the bright side of life...)


TBR pile currently stands at 303. (+10)

(Netgalley ARCs at 128 (+8))