The Silence of Six - David G. Myers

What is The Silence of Six? you ask. Well, it's exactly what the characters in this book are trying to figure out.


When his best friend, apparently without reason, interrupts a political debate at his school to talk about 'The silence of Six' before killing himself, Max is forced to return to his former group of hackers. Something might be seriously wrong.


I've never read a YA thriller that was anything near realistic, and this is no exception. But if you don't try to look at that too much, it was an enjoyable read. Definitely one of the better YA thrillers involving young hackers I've read.  It took some time before I was able to get into the story, but once that happened, I read it in one go.


There are lots of chases, escapes and fights, so if you're into that kind of stories, you'll probably enjoy it. It left, however, not really a lot of space for character development, and besides Max perhaps, all the supporting characters felt like cardboard (jumping into the story when convenient). Is it surprising people are being killed to cover up a secret? I don't really think so. Is it surprising people are still surprised to find that nothing on the internet is really 'private'? Yes, I would have thought everyone knew this by now.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!