Who doesn't love some stats? I certainly do (but on the other hand, I hate my statistics course in college; so I guess I love them only to a certain level). I promise nothing complicated, just a breakdown of my reading year. Tomorrow there'll be a post which features all of my read books as well as some looking forward to 2015.


I started with only one goal: Lower my TBR. Those of you who follow my TBR Thursday know I've failed this goal completely. It's a shame but I haven't recorded the number of books on my TBR in 2013 so I can only conclude that it's now on 262. Though I can't compare it, I know it must at least have doubled since last year. So long for my goal. It's no surprise my goal for 2015 is to lower my TBR. I really want to be able to say late December 2015 that it's lower than 262.


Besides this miserably failed goal, my bookish year was wonderful. I started with a reading challenge on 68 (what I read in 2013 +2 to add some challenge), but I passed it in early June. Because of my exams that month I decided to see what GR would guess I would be able to read in a year based on what I read the complete first half of it, and make that my new challenge. 165 it said. By November I had passed it again (I know the number of books I've read on Booklikes isn't correct, it's just the ones I've already reviewed. On GR it's completely up to date). And the number only kept rising. Secretly I started to hope to hit the 200 (but I'd never even read 100 books in a year), and just before Christmas I succeeded! I've now finished (and this will probably remain this way for the remainder of the year since the book I'm reading right now is over 600 pages and I need to study) 206 books! I'm still a bit amazed when I think about it. It's three times my original challenge!


The shortest of these 206 books were only 10 pages long (The Naughty List & Just Short of Paradise both by Edward Lorn). This was compensated by the longest read with 842 pages (Ivan Pavlov by Daniel P. Todes). All in all, the books I read were on average 283 long. In total I read (according to GR) 58427 (a lot in comparison to the mere 24009 I read in 2013).


I rewarded only one book with the full five stars this year: Stay Where You Are And Then Leave (John Boyne), but a few other books were close and also deserve honourable mentions like Pierce Brown's Red Rising, Liu Cixin's The Three Body Problem and Etiquette & Espionage (Gail Carriger). Please note that I'm usually quite reserved when awarding stars, because usually even when it's really good there are certain small things.


Unfortunately, on the other end of the spectrum there were books that really disappointed me and could not be given more than one star. And now I'm not just being reserved. I felt for the trees that were killed to print these books upon, because they were not working for me at all.

The Artful (Wilbert Stanton) - Valentine Bell: The Golden Year (Rowan Maness) - The Mammoth Hunters (Jean M. Auel)


This year I read only 10 books in Dutch, 1 in German and all the rest in English.


According to GR I wrote 238 reviews last year (a few more are already written but wait for the publication dates of the books). Which brings me to Netgalley, what I believe really defined my reading year. I'd been review books occasionally for Dutch publisher via some of the forums I frequent, so it wasn't new. But to be able to request books (and get review books you really want to read), and I really received some wonderful books through it. I have some more stats on my ARCs from Netgalley since I have an Excel-spreadsheet I almost keep OCD-like update on all of them. Which makes for some great analysing at the end of the year.


Like, since I started in February I read 157 ARCs this year (76,2% of read books; 40603 pages, 69,5% of read pages), most of them in November and December (each month 19). I started slow and read only 5 ARCs in February. Of the books I've read already (more books are still waiting to be read) most were requested in May (28), June (24) and September (24) when I suffered from notoriously severe attacks of Child in Candy Shop-syndrome (no known cure). I've only read one book so far I requested in December.


These books were written by 149 different authors, most of them were new to me, but some like John Boyne, already belong to my favourite authors. Two writers both had me request and read three of their books: A.D. Starrling (Soul MeaningKing's Crusade & Greene's Calling) and Kami Garcia (Dangerous Creatures, Dangerous Dream & Unbreakable).


Of the ARCs read, one was published in 2010 and 2011, three in 2012, eleven in 2013 and six will be published next year. The rest were all published in 2014. The books were published by no less than 86 different publishers (self-published authors are also considered 'publisher' for this). A number of publishers put so many interesting books on Netgalley last year that I read more than three of them: Amazon Publishing, Crown Publishing, Curiosity Quills Press, Diamond Book Distributors, Dundurn, Entangled Publishing, Flux, Hachette Children's Books, Little,Brown Books for Young Readers, Macmillan-Tor/Forge, Random House UK, St. Martin's Press.


One last remark: Of my five most popular ARC-reviews, four are of YA-books.