Deviation (Imitation Book 2) - Heather Hildenbrand Rite of Rejection - Sarah Negovetich Under Different Stars  - Amy A. Bartol The Last Jews in Berlin - Leonard Gross Ticker - Lisa Mantchev The Rose Master - Valentina Cano Steths: Cognition (Steths Book 1) - Karl Fields Owlet - Emma Michaels Danny Dirks and the Heir of Pendragon - S.A. Mulraney The Shadow Soul - Kaitlyn Davis

Moonlight Reader started the TBR Thursday, and I think it's a good way to a) show what new books I've got and b) confront myself with my inability to lower my TBR. In fact, since I started recording it, it has risen significantly. I get the feeling I'm doing something wrong here...


It's been such a busy week for me. Next week - to complete my Christmas feelings, ahum - I've two important exams all the while I also need to write an article about my research-internship and some genius decided that December 26th (which is a holiday where I come from; and my little sister's birthday) is the perfect day to hand in the final review of my internship. While also studying for three major exams in January.

Anyway, what it bottles down to is: I'm stressed.


Reading however is a good way to set my mind at rest sometimes. I'm especially glad I finished the 840(!) pages long biography of Ivan Pavlov (the Russian physiologist known for his experiments on dogs with bells buzzers. They make a great deal about that 'mistake' in the book. The book biggest mistake is that, while interesting, it's also a couple of hundred pages too long.)

(I'd also bought some AC games, from Steam's Black Friday sale, but I don't get Uplay to work. Which is quite a downer because especially since I paid for the games I want to be able to actually play them. They are not installed to look pretty and take up space).


But back to books. It might have been too good a week as there are so many new additions. I've heard on a lot of my requests so I got loads of new ARCs. Well, perhaps it's almost Christmas after all...


TBR pile currently stands at 249. (+13)

(Netgalley ARCs at 85 (+8))


All new additions are ARCs I hope to be able to read soon!