I really hoped this post would not be necessary! But then again, everything nowadays gets at least one sequel.


A few weeks ago I had some troubles with my eReader. It was a horror story come true, as I was no longer able to finish the book I was reading. When I finally was able to bring the Kobo to live again, it had deleted almost all of the books that were on it. The selection seemed to be quite random but all the timed acsm (from Netgalley) were at least missing.


At first terrified, I was finally able to solve the problem and get my books back (but my notes were missing unfortunately). I thought/hoped this would be the end of the Horror story.


Unfortunately not. Since I've had to load my eReader twice (no way I can read a whole month on one battery), and every time I disconnect my Kobo, it deletes the same books as the first time (and the new ones). I can solve the problem by connecting it again and then disconnect directly afterwards. I've update all latest updates from Kobo (at least two or three since this problem started) and I disconnect via the designated way, so I really don't see what's going on. Especially since solving the problem is doing exactly the same as I already did... And both times I've lost the notes, which is really annoying!


I've searched the KOBO support site, but their FAQ is less than useful.


Any ideas perhaps how I could prevent/solve this problem?