Children of the Tide: An Inspector Endersby Mystery - Jon Redfern

Children of the tide is an Inspector Endersby Mystery.


Expected publication: February 28th.


If you like detective stories and Victorian London, what could possibly be better than to combine the two? Set in 1841 in London, Children of the Tide does just that.


This is the first of the Endersby Mysteries that I've read, so it is possible that I just missed a lot of the character descriptions in the previous book, but they felt a bit flat to me. Endersby himself seems to be a good police officer, switching to the new more reliable form of policing - searching for witnesses and most importantly proof -, and husband, but the rest of the characters never came to life for me.


Ensdersby gets stuck with a difficult case; to solve two almost identical murders. In both cases, a matron in a workhouse has been killed and a girl named Catherine has been abducted, only to be left just outside the workhouse's gates. It's not hard to find suspects, but which one of them -if any- is the gruesome murderer? Endersby won't rest until he solves the case.


The story was that of a nice detective. Some questions however were never answered. It took some time to really get interesting, but afterwards it was a very fast and enjoyable read. I might check out some of the other novels in this series, as I liked the Victorian setting.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.