Undertow - K.R. Conway

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Undertow is the first instalment in the Undertow series.


I was attracted to the cover and requested it from Netgalley. Then I saw the original cover and part of me regretted requesting it. But then, I saw a whole bunch of very positive reviews and thought that everything would be fine. Only now, I have to write my unpopular opinion on Undertow.


Ella moves to a very big house (that she didn't pay for, but that someone bought for her at an auction, just because her ancestors built it). Now in books and movies moving into big, old houses is very seldom a good idea, moving into one that been gifted to you seems like an even worse idea. It's like walking straight into a trap, being warned. Ella lives with her guardian, because - would you believe it- she no longer has parents. How convenient, even more convenient however is the fact that this guardian just happened to have planned this trip to Europe she's been saving for for years only weeks after moving into the new house. So, now it's time for some Home Alone. What could possibly go wrong there?


But there's even more. Ella meets Raef, the insta-love super handsome guy (who turns out to be an immortal stuck in a teenager's body). Sounds familiar, huh? On a more positive note, it could have been a love-triangle. And Ella gets bullied for no particular reason by the popular girl. In case you would have missed all the foreshadowing, there's a surprise halfway through the book: Ella is not just plain old human, she's special. And so are her new friends. That is convenient. And it might have been interesting, if I had not read too many similar books like that. (Even considering just the last two months or so, the same thing happened in both Faelorehn and The Winter People).


At this point I couldn't really care for the story any more. The writing didn't blow me away either. I don't think I will continue this series.