I've had my Kobo for about eight months now and mostly I'm really happy with it. It half scared me to death once, when it refused to wake up from sleeping, but we settled it and it promised me never to do such things again. Everything worked out just fine, until yesterday evening.


I was just reading Artful (Peter David) in bed when all of a sudden the page refused to turn. OK, I thought, I'll just give it a minute and try it again, trying to stay calm. I've got to admit here that while waiting I fell asleep and didn't give it another try that night. This morning, however, I tried reading again and got a full black screen (something that never happened before) and figured that perhaps it had run out of energy doing whatever it did last night. So I connected, rearranged some books, decided to go with the latest Kobo update and all. Then it took ages for my Kobo to synchronize after I unconnected it from my laptop, but I was still hopeful everything would work out just fine.


Fact is, it didn't. After about 20 minutes of synchronizing, all books on it were now 'NEW' (my reading statistics were however in place and seemed to be okay), I could just browse my library without problems (although it seemed a bit slow), so I tried to open the book I was reading, and it didn't. The screen just went blank for another twenty minutes and trying to turn it off and on failed.


Now, I succeeded on getting something on my Kobo, but although it says it has 150 books on it, it only shows five pages (with approximately 25 books on it on total). Where have all my books gone? What is happening? Does anyone else might have experienced something similar and how did you solve it? I'm a bit scared right now that it is broken, and I used it a lot and need it to read my ARCs (I'm already behind on schedule with them). Any help is very welcome!