Zac and Mia - A.J. Betts

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review!


I first came across Zac and Mia via the Buzz Books. The first chapter was very promising indeed, and I always have a soft spot for Australian authors (I don't know why).


Zac and Mia meet through the walls of a cancer ward in a Perth hospital. It's hard not to start comparing it to The Fault in Our Stars as I feel/fear there might be a tsunami of books coming about star-crossed lover teens with cancer.


It probably wasn't a really good idea from me to read this book while I'm also reading TFIOS, but that one takes ages for me to finish (I've seen the movie already) and my ARCs are just more important now. Luckily, Zac and Mia is less pretentious but the characters, especially Mia are just as annoying. There are many similarities between the books but I won't go into detail, as you can find them in numerous other reviews.


The book is divided into three parts, Zac, with Zac's POV, &, with dual POV of Zac and Mia, and Mia, with Mia's POV. Nice touch. But it meant I had to end with a lot of Mia chapters, and she was very unlikeable for some reason. Most of the book was very easy to read even considering the hard theme. Somehow that never seemed to be the most important part of the book. Although an not unenjoyable quick read I have mixed feelings and felt at times a bit frustrated with certain plotlines. I'm not sure whether to recommend this book or not...